McNaught-Davis /Knox Award

The REBA History of the McNaught-Davis Knox Award. Founded in 1962

In 1962 the S.Ralph Knox award was created by REBA shareholders at the suggestion of Eric McNaught-Davis to honor a truly outstanding salesperson. Ralph Knox was a lawyer, legal counsel and credit manager for Texaco, Inc. Later reserved as a judge in Missouri, and at the age of 75 Ralph Knox moved to La Jolla. He joined the McNaught-Davis Company as a salesperson and stayed there until he retired at the age of 87. In 1976 Judge Knox passed away – He was 101 yard of age. To describe him best – Judge Knox was a southern gentleman with a great sense of humor – he was honest and fair in all his relationships with his fellow human beings, including his real estate sales endeavors. In 1987 Eric McNaught-Davis, Who had been a shareholder with reba for about 40 years, passed away. He was so well loved and respected that the board elected to honor him as well by renaming this award to the Mcnaught-Davis/Knox award. Eric had acted as agent for numerous La Jollans who later became some of REBA’s most successful agents and brokers. Eric was a tremendous individual – those who remember him will recall that he never needed to use a microphone and was an extemporaneous speaker of extraordinary proportions.

The Mcnaught-Davis/Knox award is presented by the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers to that REBA Member who best exemplifies the qualities of: Personal Integrity, community activity, service to the real estate profession, salesmanship, cooperation with associates, cooperation should include that person who best characterizes the folded rule, the ethics of our profession, the one who works with you at a high professional level, cooperating in every aspect to accomplish a satisfactory transition for the principal and buyer.

History of Robert K. Smith


Robert K. Smith was born in 1914 in Narbeth, Pa and lived in Montclair, Nj. He attended the University of Virginia in 1937. As a young bachelor, RK Worked in Shanghai China, managing the office for the U.S. Life Insurance CO. He returned to the US in 1939, Married in 1940 and Lived in Chicago. RK joined the O.S.S. in 1942 and returned to China as a spy. While there he travelled extensively in parts of china where there were no other foreigners. RK then returned to the states in late 1944. After that he lived in Mexico City for three years. Also went to Paris, France and worked with the Marshall Plan. RK and his wife Katie went to Dallas, Texas in 1949, where he worked as a sales manager for the Mack Trucks Company. Then on to San Antonio, Texas and after that to La Jolla, California. RK Joined the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers’ Association Inc. In August, 1968 and was nominated to the PResident of the association during the years of 1980, 1981, and 1985. RK was also busy on the REBA board in other capacities as well as on various committees. RK was a successful Real Estate Broker and was respected and liked by the members of REBA. It was a sad day for REBA members when they Learned of the sudden Passing of RK while Jogging on the beach in La Jolla in 1986. The same year of 1986, the board of directory decided to dedicate a plaque to be given annually to a deserving Real Estate Broker in the name and honor of Robert K. Smith.